Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Mexican

Dinner turned out so great tonight! Mexican rice, black beans and cheese quesadillas...all from scratch! I was so impressed with how tasty everything turned out.

A week or so ago, my friend taught me how to make Mexican rice from scratch the way her mother-in-law taught her (Her mother-in-law is from Mexico). I had to modify it slightly with what I can in my cupboards/fridge, but I was so happy with the results. It was very flavorful. Unfortunately, some of the rice was still a little hard, so it's definitely not perfected.

The black beans I made a few days ago and just had to reheat. These were not from a can! I did a quick soak with them (boil for two minutes and then let sit for a few hours), and then I boiled them for about two or so hours, adding salt during the last 1/2 hour or so. I thought they turned out delicious, but Jeff didn't really get a chance to taste them by themselves because they went right into a taco soup. On their own tonight, he said they were delicious, which made me smile.

No secret to the quesadillas. We just love those!!


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