Sunday, July 22, 2012

Off Track

Since leaving MN, we've gotten way off track with our eating. A few months prior to leaving, we made the choice to become Vegan/Vegetarian - if not always, at least primarily. There are many reasons behind this choice. I'm not going to get into them right now.

Right now, I'm just going to share with you my excitement at the future.

Like I mentioned before, since leaving MN we haven't been very good about living this new lifestyle. We've even *gasp* gotten into the habit of choosing convenience (i.e. McDonald's) over healthy.

This needs to STOP!

Over the past couple days, I've searched online for Vegan or Vegetarian dining options and resources in the Vegas area. That got me excited, but I knew it wasn't enough. We can't afford to eat out every meal.

So, where does a Vegan newbie go? Amazon.

I found a couple cookbooks that, I hope, will help me learn to be a better Vegan. I'm so excited for these two titles to arrive.
1,000 Vegan Recipes
Vegan on the Cheap

In the meantime, I also purchased a few Kindle cookbooks (for free!) to help me get started.
48 Breakfast Vegetarian Recipes
Easy Vegetarian Recipes
Vegan Desserts
10 Quick Vegetarian Burger Recipes

I can't wait to get back in the kitchen and try some new recipes, expand my taste palate, and share my new adventures with all of you.

Note: If you're not into Vegan eating, do not worry. While I'll be primarily posting Vegan or Vegetarian recipes, I'm sure my sister will continue to post her favorites recipes here.


  1. It will be done oh great sister!!! But I like meat....and even *gasp* mcdonalds....ok LIKE is a strong word for it....tolerate is more like it!!! I will post recipes though that have meat in my husband is a huge carnivore :)

    1. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll have the Vegan/Vegetarian recipes covered. :-)



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